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26. august 2023

Mountain Marathon


Mountain Marathon

Would you attend a mountain marathon in one of Norway’s most famous mountain ranges, Trollheimen? Oppdal Fjellmaraton offers a unique path with 80% of the trail crossing the tree line.


The trail runs on a technical path through the mountain area of Trollheimen and offers a beautiful mountain terrain. With a steady increase you’ll be working your way up the mountain, creating a solid challenge alongside a truly unique experience.


We have a fixed number of spots available for the distances Dynafit 42 km and Dynafit 22 km. Make sure to secure your spot early as these distances tend to fill up quickly.


The finish line for all distances is in the center of Oppdal, following activities and an amazing atmosphere for both participants and spectators.


11 km - 700 eg.

Timekeeping and trim

«Fjellmila» 11 km is suitable for both the active athlete, as a family activity and for the everyday active person.


This distance normally gathers a large variety of runners on the start line – from the Norwegian champion of fell running, the fit youth and the ones participating just for the fun of it.


The recommended age limit is 10 years of age. Children under the age of 13 should be accompanied by an adult.


Youth classes from 12-15 years of age.


Mandatory bus to the start line for all participants.

22 km - 1100 eg.


Dynafit 22 km is the half-marathon every participant will find themselves proud of after crossing the finish line.

The distance takes you through a 22 km beautiful path, great mountain terrain and not least to mention a monster hill referred to as the Dynafit-hill.


Make sure to secure your spot early as we are expecting to be fully booked.


Age limit: 18 years of age.


Mandatory bus to the start line for all participants.

42 km - 2200 eg.


Dynafit 42 km is one of the toughest fell runs you can attend in Norway.


80% of the route crosses the tree line. Here of the beaten path you’ll find cattle and sheep paths crisscrossing through some of the most amazing nature Trollheimen has to offer. This will be the backdrop of creating a truly unique running experience. Challenge yourself once you hit the monster hill and you might just win the Dynafit-sprint award.


Make sure to secure your spot early as we are expecting fully booked slots.


Age limit: 18 years of age. ​

Mandatory bus to the start line for all participants.

Participant Information


* There may be changes in times.


42 km

Start: Gjevilvasshytta


08.00 Early Pool: Estimated running time over 6 h

09.00 main pool: Estimated running time below 6 h


22 km

Start: Remma


10.30 pool 1: Estimated running time below 2.5 t

10.35 pool 2: Estimated running time 2.5 t - 3 h

10.40 pool 3: Estimated running time 3 h - 3.5 h

10.45 pool 4: Estimated running time 3.5 h - 4 h

10.50 pool 5: Estimated running time over 4 h


11 km

Start: Haugset


11.15 trim

11.40 active youth (13-15 years)

11.45 active (16-70 + years)


The finish line for all the distances is in the city center, Oppdal Kulturhus.



You can even change the pool by going to “my page” at EQ Timing. Pool change of 42/22 km is closed Friday at. 12:00.



Start number distribution and post-registration in the secretariat will be placed at Oppdal Kulturhus (Allsalen).

Friday (30.08) at 5pm – 8pm or Saturday (31.09) at 6.30am – 10am.


Your start number is fastened with safety pins on your outer garment at the front of your chest.

Please note: You will not be able to collect your number at the start line.


Information meeting

Trail information, terrain, clothing and safety.

10min First Aid briefing.

Friday, August 31. at 19.00 in Allsalen, Oppdal Kulturhus.

Bus transportation


Mandatory bus for all participants. The busses will leave Inge Krokanns veg by Kulturhuset and Rådhuset.


Please make sure to be there well in time prior to departure.

42 km over 6 hours – 07.00 am
42 km under 6 hours –  07.50 am

22 km all groups –  09.15 am

11 km all groups – 10.30 am


It is mandatory to carry a backpack for those participating the distances 42 km and 22 km, but without any weight requirements. All participants must bring their own food, drink, wind-resistant clothing, hat, gloves and cell phone. Fanny packs will not be allowed.
Set requirements will be controlled at start.



42 km
Remma (ca. 20 km): 12.00 pm
Vekveselva (ca. 30 km): 14.00 pm
Vangslia (ca. 35 km): 16.00 pm

22 km
Vekveselva (ca. 10 km): 14.00 pm
Vangslia (ca. 15 km): 16.00 pm

Food and Drink Stations


There will be food and drink stations along the way in all the distances.


To see the accurate information on where the food and beverage stations are located, see the map to the corresponding distance.


Selection at the food stations is given LATER!

Award Ceremony



Participants will be awarded in all three distances.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd women/men in 42 km and 22 km (money award for 42 km, gift award for 22 km).


42 km – Prize for the podium in each class

22 km – Prize for the podium in each class

11 km – Prize for the podium in each class (all participants from the age groups of 13, 14 and 15 will be awarded)


Sprint award Dynafit-hill women/men



You’ll find changing rooms, toilet facilities and showers at Oppdal Kulturhus. Entrance on the south side of the building.



All participants will be offered to have their luggage transported from start to finish. Luggage tags are distributed along with your start number. Please note that you must have your own bag or backpack for transportation purposes.

Your luggage will be transported to Allsalen at Oppdal Kulturhus.



Park your car at Oppdal Idrettshall, Oppdal Videregående skole, Oppdal medisinske senter or on the south side/behind Oppdal Rådhus.

Please note that parking outside Oppdal Kulturhus or Rådhuset will not be permitted for race participants.




Oppdal Kulturhus has sales of hot food, coffee and a small kiosk.

Finish Line
Bus - all distances
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